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16101 Ventura Blvd., Suite 255 Encino, CA 91436  |  818.646.6085  |  info@scratchrestaurants.com  |  #dropflavornotbombs


A modern American shell shack bringing the entire ocean to Encino and soon to be Santa Barbara, at the historic Montecito Inn.


An elegant modern take on the traditional cocktail lounge. Offering vivacious cocktails, delectable bites and a setting for easy conversations.​​


Hidden behind his revered Cocktail Lounge Woodley Proper, Sushi|Bar is Chef Phillip Frankland Lee’s Omakase Speakeasy that serves up a whimsy of its namesake fare in 17 courses. Behind an unmarked door lies an intimate counter housing 8 prized seats where you will sit right up to the chef’s cutting boards. Relax and enjoy as the chefs prepare a playful reverie on new wave nigiri and other delicacies from both land and sea in a free form interpretive take on the traditional sushi counter experience where you can expect unexpected riffs on beloved standards.